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Suzhou CNCC International supply chain incorporated company by Share Ltd was founded in 2006, specializing in warehouse management and logistics service industry. The business scope is mainly engaged in warehousing and logistics distribution, international freight forwarding, international trade......

Warehousing management services    Warehousing management services Cargo transport and city distribution    Cargo transport and city distribution
Warehouse Management Services Outsourcing    Service is the source of profits Standard service    Supply chain integration services
Address: No. 36, Wenchang Road, SND
Telephone: 0512-88606661
Fax: 0512-88606881
Zip code: 215151
Contact: Liu manager
Cell phone: 0512-88606661
URL: www.szcncc.com
Mailbox: info@szcncc.com
SZCNCC Wuliuzhitong Cifa GVS Clta