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The set of professional R & D capability, better able to help customers and improve the supply chain management, effectively achieve the strategic goal;
Through the operation of CIMC network, reaction ability can better help customers to occupy the market;
Through the operation of the network set, can better help the clients to realize the standardization and systematization of service standards;
By CIMC efficient logistics base, can better help customers integrate operational resources, integration of all aspects of the supply chain, effectively reduce the cost;
Through the information system of CIMC, better able to help customers dynamically and transparently to understand the operation of the business, thereby reducing inventory, accelerate capital turnover.
Every Saturday 10:00 to 12:00 customer service department to hold regular meetings to report the work of this week
1, customer service supervisor to assess the problem this week;
2, customer service commissioner summary of the reasons for the problems;
3, discuss the improvement method;
4, the characteristics of each customer business discussion, familiar with each other customer characteristics;
5, according to the characteristics of different customers to discuss how to improve the quality of service;
6, a week of work experience exchange;
7, work experience communication;
8, customer service supervisor to summarize the work need to strengthen the part.
Expatriate mill staff: according to customer requirements in the factory or field operation service assignment

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